Embracing Hope – A Story with a Message

book-shelfWhen I began writing “Embracing Hope”, I saw it as clean Christian entertainment. But as time went on—nine years—a message emerged. With the help of my publisher, John Brooks with Discern Products, the story in “Embracing Hope” demonstrates through fiction the tangibility of hope.

Without giving away any spoilers, the plot follows a heart-broken 30-year-old widower unable to deal with the grief of losing his wife. He thought he was following God’s plan for his life, that the Lord had blessed him, and given him a future where he could be a positive influence to others as dean at a Christian university. But tragedy struck, dashing his dreams and even his ambitions. What does he do now?

As the title implies, one of the keys to rebuilding his life is hope. But what is hope? Is it wishful thinking and sitting around waiting for things to change for the better? Or is hope something more tangible—something you need to take steps to achieve? When Drew finally understands and realizes he needs to step out in faith, his new life begins to fall into place. It’s not easy and he has to endure more trials, but he follows God down a rutted path to build what not only gave him hope, but gave hope to others.

By the time the reader reaches the final two words—The End—we pray that “Embracing Hope” can be more than a good read. Perhaps it will help others dealing with the loss of a loved one, shattered dreams, and crippling disappointments to not just sit around waiting for hope, but take steps with God leading the way to rebuild their faith and life.

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