Twitter, tweets and twains … er … trains (and a free e-book!)

CabooseI’ve been on the Twitter Train for seven years and until a couple of months ago, it was just a caboose. I followed mostly news sources, and rarely posted, liked or retweeted.

Then I published “Embracing Hope.” Social media is a vital marketing tool for authors so I waded deeper into the pool—or to continue the railroading theme—added an engine and a couple of rail cars, and picked up speed.

I started out earlier this year with about 30 followers, followed another 30, and had less than 200 tweets. I now have over 126 followers, follow over 300, and have posted over 530 tweets—the numbers increase daily. ** I’m intentional in “liking”, retweeting, acknowledging follows and retweets; posting my own tweets using links, hashtags, and photos; studying trends; and pursuing more followers.

And I’m about to derail as I keep adding rail cars but not enough engines. I’ve studied up on how to increase followers, maintain lists, and schedule tweets, only to be inundated with advice and recommendations, some contradictory. Perhaps once I get accustomed to the curves and angles of Twitter’s rail bed I can add engines so the train operates efficiently.

RR signEach time I follow someone, find out I’m being followed or post a tweet, one question keeps crossing my mind much like signs before a railroad crossing: How do people with thousands of followers, following thousands, and grinding out thousands of tweets, likes and RTs do it without losing their mind?

Social media virtual assistants, that’s how. The railroading version is a switch, which guides a train from one track to another—such as at a junction or where a spur branches off—when there are too many trains on the track.

I’m a long way from needing a switch. But my confidence got a wee boost a few days ago when I connected with someone who had smaller numbers. Boy, did I feel experienced! And I was intent to encourage her. But I bet she’ll surpass me quickly and need one of those switches. Oh, well, in the meantime, I’ll do my best riding the Cannonball trying not to derail.

TrainChallenge: If you can identify the Cannonball, email me at by Wednesday, March 22, 2017, and if you’re right, I’ll enter you in a drawing for a free ebook of “Embracing Hope.”

** Disclaimer: I hear the giggles from seasoned Twitter moguls seeing my stats. But remember, you started at this level, too. 🙂


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