Embrace marketing; hope for success

embracing_hope_bookmarkGrrooaann! I’m so tired of seeing my photo and “Embracing Hope’s” book cover all over the internet. I’m certain my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn followers feel the same way. They probably have “had it” with my self-promotion, which is day after day, week after week. Marketing oneself is compulsory in the book publishing biz. I knew that going in, but the guilt of inflicting that injury ad nauseum on people was unexpected.

Social media is key in getting my name out to the millions of readers of Christian romance fiction. Who knows where a social media post will end up? How many will see it? How many will act on it? I get some idea from social media analytics (a fancy word for stats). My author’s Facebook page tracks reach, engagement, page views, and page likes. My blog includes views and location demographics. Twitter keeps track of followers, retweets and likes, and LinkedIn logs views and likes. The numbers so far are small potatoes (more like peas) compared to those who have thousands of likes, page views and retweets. The reach stat on my author’s Facebook posts have ranged from five (pathetic) to 281 (substantial for me, one level above pathetic by FB standards). Comments, shares and reactions have been mostly single digits or even worse, zero.

But last week something shifted. An online link I posted on my author’s Facebook page about Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 150th birthday got a lot of reaches (number of people the posts were served to). The post reached 1,044 and got 84 comments, shares and reactions. It was interesting to watch the numbers climb so quickly. Where did all those reaches come from? Oh, yeah, I forgot—the Internet is public and Wilder was definitely trending that week. Still, I wonder about the demographic of those reached: probably female, over 40, rural, readers and writers, literature academics, history buffs. While the post wasn’t about “Embracing Hope”, it was on my Facebook page that showcases the novel. The goal of driving people to my page worked.

Bottom line, my name and “Embracing Hope” are getting out there, which helps marketing and thus, sales. For those of you tired of me tooting my own horn, just breeze by my posts that don’t interest you, like you do the political posts. I won’t be insulted. But, please don’t unfollow, unfriend, disconnect or shoot down my tweets because I’d miss you!




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