There’s no rush


No, I’m not cold. We weathered a high humidity heat wave last week with “feels like” temps around 103. I shiver because I bought my Minnesota State Fair ticket last week to get the reduced pre-fair deal. The state fair signals the official end of summer as it winds up on Labor Day.

Yes, we are at that frustrating season, summer-rush-to-fall. Back-to-School sales went up on July 5. Employment ads for school bus drivers are all over, including signs hanging on school buses prominently parked for maximum exposure. Go into any clothing store and fall/winter apparel is out. Practices have started for fall sports. Days are getting shorter by about one minute. And last week my husband, while relaxing in the 87-degree pool, reminded me that the condo pool would be closing soon. (In another month, for Pete’s sake!)

(Reader: Insert mental image of me pulling out my hair!!)

It’s the last week of July, people! We are certain to have more sweat-soaking-your-shirt heat waves. August is smack-dab in the middle of the “dog days of summer”—the hottest and muggiest part of the season. The days are still long, Minnesotans are still trekking to their lake cabins, families are still vacationing, and shorts and flip-flops are still the appropriate attire.

Bask in each summer day. Run the AC. Take a plunge into the pool. Enjoy the sweet corn and watermelon. That season, which will remain nameless in this blog, will be here in due time.

(For those who accuse me of rushing the season, I saw the offer at the only store chain that sells the limited supply of pre-fair tickets. We don’t shop there much and I didn’t want to forget or have to make a special trip. Satisfied?)





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